East German Shepherds GDR

History Page 3

DDR-line After the second world war, Easterly-Germany were separated by a wall. This wall has for it seen to that there two populations German Shepherds were developed. At the east Side addressed one on the service dogs that struck through their nature sharpness, their gevarieerde color (with many pigment and sleepiness very gloomily grey) and their compact building with powerful heads and bones.,. In the West developed, also through the commerce, the black-brown colored multi-effort bar house dog, a drawer Commissioner Rex. After in 1990 the walls was cases fell whole the work dogs world the former DDR within and all dogs that bought up resembled became also but rather a work dog. This is the reason that one in the original Easterly-Germany yet but little dogs will meet with the original DDR-blood. Many lovers of work dogs nourish the dogs from this DDR-line because of their nature sharpness and apologies anger (the dog has one of nature inborn courage its boss to protect). The SDG (Sektion Service und Gebrauchshund Wesen) arose in 1969. Under this section, all werkhondenrassen. fell. This section wash entrusts breed with the choices and registration of the German Shepherd. They have for the German shepherd the next fokdoelstelling set up: The breeding of karaktersterke, temperamental dogs, with a good sharpness which work desires own and multi-purpose are finished to richten. The breeding of healthy use dogs in the largest sense of the word. These dogs must can reach a high age, a good constitution own, fertile are and have little hereditary wrong. The breeding of beautiful formed dogs with a good pigmentering, so much possible of the equal type with a so large possible course and stamina. With a dog must on very strict requirements breed to be able to become satisfied. As a bitch must be judged with all her descendants on a show. By these choices, use was made by the Wertmessziffern system. According to this system, the value of the dog was fixed for state service. By the testing, the dog got a number of 6 figures, 4 figures for the line and 2 behind the line, for instance 5545/55. Successively became the size, the constitution, the build, the character and behind the line the sharpness and hardness described. For the state service were the last 3 figures important, thus ...5/55. These three figures describe the character of the dog. One had then an "ausgeglichene, gutartige Hund, heart gegen Einwirkungen (the last 5 furrow the line) und sch�rfe und h�rte sehr gosh (the two figures after the line)". A dog with ...5/55 was thus ideal for the state service. After the fall of the wall is this manner of hallmark disappeared a got the DDR-dogs also no DDR more in the family tree. The africhting in the DDR had more interfaces with the present KNPV (police dogs dressuur) as with the VH or Sch-dog program of today the day. One knew as a sportafrichting: * Speurhond FH 1 tm 3 * Police apologies dog PSH 1 tm 3 * Police bobber dog PSH 1 tm 3